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Back Roads Country Toads
Hank and Buckaroo are thrilled to go fly-fishing...until they realize just what that means.
Missile Toe
From Missile Toe the soccer star to Round John Verjun and Beth the Ham, Devin and illustrator Marty Kelley take a jolly if confused sleigh ride through Christmas.
Memoirs of a Parrot
Illustrated by Tim Bowers. Join a brilliant, but stubborn, parrot as he and his new owner learn find a new way to communicate.
Memoirs of a Goldfish
Illustrated by Tim Bowers. Winner of the Wanda Gag Award as the nation's Best Read Aloud Book. With his bowl to himself and his simple routine, Goldfish loves his life..until one day...
Memoirs of a Hamster
Illustrated by Tim Bowers. Night 1. My life is perfect. I have a bowl full of seeds, a cozy pile of wood shavings, and room to run. I'm never leaving here. Question: Who's the luckiest hamster in the world? ME!
Memoirs of an Elf
Illustrated by Tim Bowers. It's Christmas Eve and Spark Elf has the very important job of keeping Santa Claus on schedule All is well -- until they find a stowaway...
Brewster the Rooster
Illustrated by Lee White. What has gotten into Brewster the rooster? The Macintosh family can't understand why their barnyard pet is crowing at the darnedest things.
A is for America
Illustrated by Pam Carroll. From the British and our Constitution that replaced their rule, to Yellowstone Park and Zane Grey's stories of the west, the national bestseller is a sweeping tribute to all we know and love about our country.
P is for Passport
A talented array of illustrators help explain why a passport is Devin's favorite book.
H is for Honor
Illustrated by Victor Juhasz. H is for Honor is a book written for military families. They're a special breed of American and this book puts their unique experience into crystal clear relief.
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Pappy's Handkerchief
Illustrated by Chris Ellison. Young Moses and his family leave Baltimore for
a new life in Oklahoma. A stirring all-American story of chasing and finding a dream.
Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale
Illustrations by Brad Sneed. Five minutes after his birth, Johnny Kaw is over six feet tall and still growing. And in no time, the American prairie has a folk hero in Johnny Kaw.
Illustrated by Kate Darnell. Fibblestax is the story of the boy who wins the right to invent the words we use every day. The book that started it all for Devin.
One Nation
Illustrated by Pam Carroll. Devin and Pam weave their magic around the symbols of Americana that make us proud. More than a counting book, One Nation illuminates the landmarks and treasures that are uniquely American.
One Kansas Farmer
Written by Devin and his wife, Corey. Illustrated by Doug Bowles. One Kansas Farmer: A Kansas Number Book "counts out" an entertaining and educational travelogue of the state's history, geography, famous people, and places.
Cosmo's Moon
Illustrated by Mark Braught. Cosmo loves the moon, and the moon loves Cosmo. A magical book about the power of friendship and the nature of responsibility.
S is for Sunflower
Written by Devin and his wife, Corey. Illustrated by Doug Bowles. Nicknamed the "world's breadbasket," the contributions from the great state of Kansas reverberate far beyond its borders.
S is for Sooner
Illustrated by Kandy Radzinski. The wide-open spaces of Oklahoma are brought alive for readers with charming rhymes about rodeos, land runs, and yes, even the musical "Oklahoma!" Oklahoma is so much more than OK.
D is for Down Under
Illustrations by Geoff Cook. Originally founded as a penal colony, Australia has long been known for its contrasts (think: wild outback and sophisticated Sydney Opera House). A joyous ride through a nation like none other.
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